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Viv Walker
Viv Walker
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Portrait - Gareth Winter 08
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Portrait - Gareth Winter 08
Receding Hair line for web
Venus blows off course sept 2010
Adele Bloch-Bauers Burmese
Australian Gothic (Kev and Julia)
Lionardo the lilac persian
Vermeer Cat and that girl
dorothy awoke, still in kansas
shh coro streets on!
Gecko lookout
Tipped Top cones
Flight of the conechords
Castle rock and the two towers
Coromandel winds
Flaxing lyrical @ castlepoint
Flying fish
I'd feel naked without my cellphone
Millie portrait
The thin blue line
The thin white line
Crash landing
Hawks over wairarapa
Portrait - Gareth Winter 08
Orange rose

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